Quality Control

Consultation and implementation of quality control

To keep and to improve quality of products to achieve customer satisfactory and to provide health and safety are goals of manufacturing organizations which are vital to establish an integrated quality control system. Quality control systems bring harmony and assurance of quality of productions they also decrease additional costs and human resources costs.   

Services of the company are as following:

-Codification of purchase data including: identity card of materials and productions, technical  identity card of facilities and etc.

-to achieve national and international standards in purchase of  raw materials and final control of  productions.

-Codification of production processes quality and to determine stations and control  characteristics needed for al control stations to assure about production quality in every stage  of the process.

-Codification of HASSP PLAN and determination of control crisis points CCP to create a strict  control system and to avoid cancellation or decrease of safety of products.

 -To determine of GHP and GMP requirements as pre need of ISO22000 and HACCP certification.

-Standardizing wastage of production and offering appropriate solutions to decrease related  wastage.
-Performing assessment system of national and international suppliers and offering appropriate    solutions to improve quantity systems.  
-To select sampling methods and related standards.

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