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Evaluation of after sales services

In competitive market of industrial cars, besides the quality of cars offered by manufacturer or supplier, attention to after sales services in the highest level of quality has become one of the most important ways in customers attraction. In order to increase customers satisfaction and respect consumers rights,Technical Quality System company has established after sale services unit since 2009 and in 2011 was selected as editor of relevant standards of after sale services  by Iranian National Standard Organization and by this time, effective and efficient actions have conducted to improve the quality of services offered by authorized dealers of after sale services .Evaluation of dealers and authorized representatives in vehicle fields,is carried out in systematic- technical and environmental.

In systematic area dealers executive processes have been evaluated separately in technical and environmental units, personal skills are assessed by level of their knowledge and performance of the workshop requirements.

In recent years the increasing grow in the field of producing and supplying vehicles and the growing expectation of customers, have led automobile industries authorities pay more attention to this subject.In this regard authorized workshops which are the first chain of communication with customers, play and important role in customers attraction. Available services are as follows:

  • Evaluation of authorized after sale services parts and sales dealers in the area.
  • Evaluation of customer satisfaction in the area of after sales services, parts and sales. 

Evaluation of after sale services unit

  • Evaluation of after sales services dealers of vehicle importing companies since 2009 so far.
  • Grading the authorized dealers and offering corrective and preventive actions in order to improve dealers.
  • Establishments of customers satisfaction level in the field of sales and after sales services of authorized dealer.

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