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Technical quality system Company has one of the most equipped chemical tests of food in which all of the qualitative control tests were carried on types of initial materials, food products, and agricultural products:

Types of tea

Cube, sugar, beans and their products

Nuts, cookies and chocolate

Types of fruit juices, juice, coca and beer, contrasted

Types of compotes and conserves

Types of spices and seasonings

Types of hot drinking,

Sanitary and decorated products

Microbiological tests

  Microbiological laboratory of technical quality System Company is one of the first laboratories that have ISO/ IEC17025 standard is servicing under the below range of activities:

Total counting of Mesophyll aerobic microorganisms





Basils Seoos




Resistant bacteria to acid

Aerobic heat-friend bacteria

Non-aerobically Mesophyll bacteria

Non- aerobically heat-friend bacteria

Sodom noses

Toxicology Tests

Toxicology laboratory by using expert equipment of food analyzing such as GC, HPLC systems and atomic absorption is servicing in the following range:

Eftaloksin toxicant/ poison B, G M1

Ekratoxin poison

Daxi Nivalnil poison

Ziralnon poison

Heavy metals

Essence analyze

Vegetables pest excretion residuals


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