Good Inspection

Good Inspection

Technical quality system corporation gained verification of goods investigating qualification from National Standard Organization and aimed to prevention of produce and enter the without quality goods in Iran implement the goods investigation and adapted certificate in the following scopes

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI): This inspection is coducted when total cargo is available packed and ready for shipment. Pre-shipment inspection is performed in two forms:random and visual.

 COI(Inspection in country of origen):This certificate shows the  conformity of goods with national standards or accepted standards by  Iranian  National Standard Organization.

Inspection in country of destination: This type of inspection is carried out apun the request of Banks or Standard organazitions located in the customs of the country.

Verification of conformity(VOC): It’s a document in which it’s based on one of the inspection corporations or engaged company at quality control of manufacturing unit or manufacturing unit supervisor confirm the declaration of goods providers.

 Inspection during the production: This type of inspection involves random inspections that is carried out on there request of customers.



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