Issuance of Certificate

Policy of Auditing and certification unit

The auditing and certification unit of the "Technical quality system company "bear in mind the  following provisions and adhere to it:"

 1.Impartiality and fair judgment

Through employees' commitment to impartiality and confidentiality

  2.To ensure the confidence in the skills and performance of employees impartiality and confidentiality

through recruitment and employment of personnel required in accordance with approved professional qualification and having qualified staffs, implementing the Policies and executive procedures  by personnel, being audited by governmental organs and obtain certificate , maintaining independence

 3.Creating quality system in accordance with the requirements of international standards

Through the participation of all employees, determining all respective responsibilities such as auditing the quality management system,planning for advancement and take actions on them and commitment to meeting them, evaluating the effectiveness of the quality management system deployed in unit through performing periodic internal audits.

 4. Satisfying customers by providing the highest quality services at the shortest possible time.

Through the use of effective internal and external communication systems, Applying the quality management systems in unit and fulfilling customer request timely ,providing accurate and clear information and use of new scientific findings and recommendations of interested parties in order to continuously improve services  

  5.Increasing employee skills and efficiency to avoid mistakes in the results of audits

Through the provision of efficient and effective training of personnel, knowledge management and transfer of experiences in organization, increasing creativity and appreciating the staff recommendations and expanding the awareness of personnel and auditors of company by developing modern educational systems 

Therefore, in order to meet the demands of the latest version of the ISO/IEC17021 standards and satisfy the expectations of the National accreditation center of Iran, and belief in the principles of employee participation and honoring the customers, with maintaining the independence, impartiality and confidentiality of all personnel, we commit that all of activities shall be designed and deployed according to ISO/IEC 17021 standards.This policy has been evaluated with qualitative indicators and all staff are expected to undertake efforts towards this policy.



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